~In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful~



DATE: Friday, March 25, 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Istiqamah,


It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce that Istiqamah Islamic Centre of Ontario will cease operations at 3410 Semenyk Court, Unit 3, effective FRIDAY MARCH 25, 2016, after Jummah Salaat – NOTE: NO PRAYERS WILL BE HELD THEREAFTER.


A number of factors have lead us to this unfortunate situation:


·         Since the departure of our Imam three years ago, Istiqamah has struggled with decreasing membership and financial support. Despite the Board’s attempts to recruit additional leadership and membership, there has been insufficient interest and assistance from the community. We are very grateful for the support provided by the current congregation, however for a vibrant and sustainable operation, a much wider/deeper community support is necessary.


·         Due to deteriorating conditions of our current facility, the Board terminated our current lease effective, April 1, 2016.  The Board was actively looking for a new location that would fit within our operational constraints and city regulations.  The Board is currently exploring new options.


Next Steps 


The Board would like to clarify the following points:

1.      Istiqamah as an entity is not closing down – only the current facilities/operations will cease.

2.      We have ceased all pre-authorized donations (i.e. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)) effective April 1st, 2016.

3.       The Board will be reviewing the direction and options for Istiqamah. This will include an assessment of additional local human capital, and Istiqamah’s ability to sustainably provide valuable services to our Muslim community.




We would like to take this time now to reflect some of the key principles and values that were taught in this masjid and that we hope that we can carry over into our lives with the permission of The ALL MIGHTY.


Firstly, Istiqamah stressed the importance of seeking beneficial and authentic Islamic knowledge from scholars based on sound methodologies. It is vital for us to join study circles and classes that are offered at other Islamic centres for both us and our children.


Secondly, we stressed the importance of living our lives with sincerity to The ALL MIGHTY and to each other. Being genuine and authentic in our devotion to The ALL MIGHTY and how we treat others with love and respect is the key to our happiness in this world and in the next.


Thirdly, we stressed the importance of being firm on the religion of The ALL MIGHTY and the sunnah of the Prophet (saws). The world today is filled with distractions and ideologies that pull us away from The ALL MIGHTY. It is vital that we help one another and our children to stay on the Straight Path.


And finally, stay consistent in attending the masajid, both for worship, community service and educational activities. We pray that you all find a masjid that is suitable for you and your family.



Board of Directors

Istiqamah Islamic Centre of Ontario